about us

The formation of technical and specialized consulting group started in 2005 with the aim of working in the field of consulting, knowledge transfer, design, implementation and support of computer networks by Mohammad Eslami, group manager. Our idea to achieve an agile, leading and effective organization in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) requires that while strengthening our position in the country, we have an active presence in transnational and regional arenas.

Accuracy, honesty, trust, adherence to commitments, principles and work ethic, observance of the principle of mutual respect, teamwork, lawfulness and responsibility are the values ​​of this group.

Improving the quality of services, increasing customer satisfaction and fulfilling commitments on time are also among the main goals of the group.

Group management to achieve such goals of strategies such as: promoting a culture of teamwork, prevention instead of reform, in order to synergize capabilities, create incentive mechanisms to benefit from employee participation in improving the quality of services, attracting and training experts and education Has committed to use. Improving the technical knowledge and skills of employees, creating suitable conditions for their growth and creativity.

Since the beginning of 1392, this group has been legally under the name of Sipand Network Engineering Company, the executor of large projects and projects of information technology, security, data centers, data network, virtualization, storage, backup and IP-based telephone. networks. continues.